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Williamwood Church will be publishing a News Bulletin to allow members and others to keep up to date with things in and around the Church.  To access the bulletin please use the link below.

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Prayer Circle

This is a confidential group of seventeen people who will pray for a person or a situation when it is requested.  Lorna Martin and Anne Clark can be contacted by phone or you can e-mail the minister using the contact information on the website.

Format of Sunday Services
Worship at Williamwood is at 11.00 every Sunday morning and other times as announced. The format of worship is traditional and we use CH4 and the Good News Bible. The choir lead our singing and contribute to worship with a range of anthems, both traditional and modern.
Dates for Your Diary

Please see the Yellow notices on the webpage for information at the moment.


Hall Enquiries

we are very fortunate that our halls are frequently in use. If you would like to enquire about using our halls please contact Fiona Gunning using the contact information below.

Our Mission

Our mission is to share the love of God through worship, outreach, welcome and care with people in our local community and across the world

Our Minister

Jan was called to Williamwood in November 2015.
She is active in all areas of the Church, its organisations and its people

Dear friends

We hope everyone is staying safe and well. Remember, if you are a member of our congregation and you need help – or just need someone to talk to- call your elder or the Minister. If you are not a member of the congregation but need help or to talk to someone, especially if you live locally, then please give the Minister a call or email a message  (0141 579 9997 or

Lots of groups in the community (often in your street ) are offering help with deliveries of food and medicines if you need it. Please do take up these offers for which we are all very grateful but please exercise the same caution as at other times and only give your personal information or money to people you know and trust.

Above all, in these difficult times remember our God is a god of love and we are all precious in God’s sight.     

Rev Jan Mathieson


Williamwood Web Worship

           Worship for Sunday 5th April 2020 

Today is Palm Sunday: the Sunday before Easter and the sixth Sunday of Lent.

It marks the beginning of Holy Week which takes us to Good Friday and beyond that, next Sunday, to Easter Day.

Today we remember Jesus’s entry into Jerusalem, riding on a donkey, to the cheers and acclamation of the crowds which, before long, would change their cry of Hosanna! Into that of Crucify!

 A prayer to start the day:

Almighty God,

As we enter this new day, we draw near to you through Jesus Christ our Lord.

We thank you for his entry into our human lives showing us how to live unto righteousness: All that human life can be

We rejoice in his salvation, offered once, for all, assuring us of life with you, eternally.

Give us a sense of joy this day; a sense of the profound nature of the Holy Week we now begin.

Help us to follow Christ, our Lord, into the suffering of the world that we might declare and enact your goodness and grace through him raised to life on Easter Day that the world might be transformed by the power of your love.

In his name we pray.                                    Amen

Click on the Facebook icon and listen to – or join in – the hymnAll glory, laud and honour…. (CH4 : 364)

Old Testament Reading – Our Old Testament reading today is one typically used on Palm Sunday.

It is an expression of faith in God. God has saved God’s people in the past. God can be trusted in the present and in the future.

It was one of Martin Luther’s favourite psalms. Consider what you think is the central message of the psalm. Luther thought it was expressed in verse 17.

Read Psalm 118: 1-2; 14-29

Click on the Facebook icon and listen to – or join in – the hymn: Make way, make way, for Christ the King…  (CH4: 279)

Gospel Reading – Read Matthew 21: 1-11

Put yourself in the picture described in this story.

What do you see? What moves you? What challenges you? What convicts you?

Who is this Jesus for you?

How can you bear witness to who he is and what he reveals about God?

A Closing Prayer

God of all goodness,

We thank you that you care for us and for this world in which you have set us. We thank you for all who care about us and with whom we share your love.

We thank you for those who, at this time in our human history, are showing your love and care for others by the work they do: in the health service and in caring; in retail and supply work; those who keep the infra-structure of our country and our world operational and leaders who negotiate their lands through this time of crisis.

Be with them we pray.

We remember those in our land and around the world who are most vulnerable at this time-for whom poverty or conflict or disease exacerbates the difficulties we all face.

Be with them we pray.

We pray for your Church around the world that she may be a light in the darkness around us, showing forth your love.

We pray for all those with whom we are joined in fellowship of faith; for families and friends, with whom we are united in bonds of love even though we are physically separated for now.

Be with them we pray.

We give thanks for those whom we have loved from whom we are separated for a time by death.

Help us to hold fast the faith in these days and in days to come and at the last, bring us home to heaven: the family of God reunited and complete through Jesus Christ our Lord in whose name we pray.   Amen

Click on the Facebook icon and listen to – or join in – the hymn: Ride on! Ride on in majesty…

May God be with you and may God bless you as you journey through the coming days and always.


Monday 6th April – Saturday 11th April, 2020

Web Worship for Holy Week


Click – on the Facebook icon and listen to: Eventide

 Read Matthew 21: 12-17


Almighty God,

Your Son, Jesus Christ cleared the temple of those who desecrated the holy place.

Cleanse our hearts from greed and selfishness that we may become the temple of the living God, the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit:

Through the same Jesus Christ our Lord            Amen

Click – on the Facebook icon and listen to – or join in: Hymn 641 – Seek ye first the kingdom of God


Click – on the Facebook icon and listen to: What kind of man is this?

 Read Matthew 22: 34-46


Almighty God,

Your Son, Jesus Christ taught the people the way of righteousness and judgement.

Grant us a ready mind and willing spirit to learn from him all that you would teach us and keep us watchful for his coming and diligent in his work:

Through the same Jesus Christ our Lord            Amen

Click – on the Facebook icon and listen to – or join in: Hymn 404 (vv 1-4) – I danced in the morning…


Click – on the Facebook icon and listen to: As the deer pants for the water….

Read – Matthew 26: 6-13


Almighty God,

Your Son, Jesus Christ withdrew to the quietness of Bethany to prepare himself for his passion.

In the fellowship of his suffering, strengthen us to be more than conquerors in our trials and temptations, that whether betrayed by our friends or hurt by enemies we may remain steadfast in our faith unto the end:

Through the same Jesus Christ our Lord            Amen

Click – on the Facebook icon and listen to – or join in: Hymn 371 – Lay down your head, Lord Jesus Christ….


Click – on the Facebook icon and listen to: After Giving Thanks

 Read – Matthew 26 : 17-29

 Click – on the Facebook icon and listen to – or join in: Hymn 376 (Paraphrase 35) – ‘Twas on that night…

 Read – Matthew 26 : 30-46


Almighty God, source of all love on the night before he died Jesus gave his disciples a new commandment to love one another as he loved them.

Write this commandment in our hearts.

Give to us the will to be the servant of others as he was the servant of all, who gave up his life and died for us, Jesus Christ our Lord.         Amen

 Click – on the Facebook icon and listen to – or join in: Hymn 377 – Go to dark Gethsemane….


Click – on the Facebook icon and listen to: Power of the Cross

 Read – Matthew 26: 47-75

 Click – on the Facebook icon and listen to – or join in: Hymn 380 – There is a green hill far away…

 Read – Matthew 27 : 1-66


Almighty God, look graciously, we pray, on this your family for whom our Lord Jesus Christ, was willing to be betrayed and given up into the hands of sinners and to suffer death upon the cross;

Who is alive and glorified with you and the Holy Spirit, One God, now and for ever.           Amen

 Click – on the Facebook icon and listen to – or join in: Hymn 403 vv1-3 – Were you there when they crucified my Lord?


Williamwood Parish Church – 4 Vardar Avenue, Clarkston, G76 7QP

Sunday Services

Sunday Service  –  11.00am

Sunday School  –  10.50am

Phone & Email

Minister – Rev. Mathieson  01415799997





11.00am – WORSHIP


7.00am – 9.00am  –  OSCARE PRE-SCHOOL

9.00am – 1.30pm  –   CLARKSTON NURSERY GROUP

3.00pm – 6.00pm  –   OSCARE AFTER-SCHOOL


6.45pm – 8.30pm –  128th JUNIOR SECTION 



7.00am – 9.00am  –  OSCARE PRE-SCHOOL

9.00am – 1.30pm  –   CLARKSTON NURSERY GROUP

3.00pm – 6.00pm  –   OSCARE AFTER-SCHOOL

4.20pm – 9.00pm  –  McCARTHY SCHOOL OF DANCE

7.30pm  –   (Alternate Weeks)THE GUILD


7.00am – 9.00am  –  OSCARE PRE-SCHOOL

9.00am – 1.30pm  –   CLARKSTON NURSERY GROUP

3.00pm – 6.00pm  –   OSCARE AFTER-SCHOOL

6.30pm – 7.45pm  –  3rd WILLIAMWOOD BROWNIES

7.30pm – 9.00PM  –   GUIDES


7.00am – 9.00am  –  OSCARE PRE-SCHOOL

9.00am – 3.15pm  –   CLARKSTON NURSERY GROUP

9.45am – 11.45am  –  WILLIAMWOOD TODDLERS

3.00pm – 6.00pm  –   OSCARE AFTER-SCHOOL

3.30pm – 5.00pm  LEGO THERAPY (Ladies Choir Room)

6.30pm – 7.30pm – RAINBOWS 

7.30pm  –  CHURCH CHOIR (Session House)



7.00am – 9.00am  –  OSCARE PRE-SCHOOL

9.00am – 3.15pm  –   CLARKSTON NURSERY GROUP

3.00pm – 6.00pm  –   OSCARE AFTER-SCHOOL

6.30pm – 7.30pm  –  128th BB ANCHOR BOYS

7.35pm  –  128th BB COMPANY SECTION

7.35pm  –  128th BB SENIOR SECTION (or as arranged)


9.00am – 5.00pm  –  McCARTHY SCHOOL OF DANCE


2019 – 2020

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   About Us

Williamwood Parish Church is a very busy and active part of the community.  We strive to ensure that our Church and halls are used to their full potential.  We have just come to the end of our year long 80th Anniversary Celebrations, where we had several social events which were enjoyed by all.  A state of the art new heating system has just been installed and are now looking at other ways to increase the buildings energy efficiency as well as  improve and maintain the buildings.

Weekly worship on a Sunday morning is of course always at the heart of the life of our Church and we continually strive to move forward into a bright future. Throughout the church year there are special services when we celebrate particular occasions.  The main celebrations of Communion in Williamwood are on the first Sunday of March, June, September and December.  Additional communion services may be held, for example at Easter. There can be lots going on especially over the Christmas period so keep an eye on the website for information.

For Further information on the History of Williamwood follow this link

Follow this link to read the Tribute to Flo smith

Some members of The Kirk Session

Kirk Session members are the elders of the Church and are chosen from those members of the Church who are considered to have the appropriate gifts and skills to pursue the spiritual affairs of the Congregation. The Kirk Session meets regularly on the 3rd Wednesday of January, March, May, September and November.  Additional meetings may be called for specific purposes.

The Congregational Board

Here are some of the board members who are appointed from within the Congregation.   Board Members are nominated and then appointed at the Stated Annual Meeting and serve for a period of three years after which they may seek re-election. They contribute to the management affairs of the Church.  Board Meetings are February, April, June, October and December

Norah Gray Retires

The Church choir recently spent a very pleasant evening on the occasion of Norah Gray’s retiral. The minister and session clerk were present when the choir said a very reluctant farewell to Norah after 60 years.

Norah’s name meant music in Williamwood. She was always there to sing solos, play the organ, and take choir practices when we were without an organist and, if any musical event was to be held, Norah was the first one to be consulted.

Norah will be greatly missed by the choir but we know that, Sunday by Sunday, she will be in the church supporting us.


Many congratulations to our organist Sarah Alexander on receiving her degree of Bachelor of Music with Honours from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland on Thursday- what an achievement!




Williamwood Church may be the place that you choose to get married.  We have prepared a leaflet to give you the basic information and the contact details of the people you need to get in touch with as you plan your special day.





If you are thinking about having your baby baptised, please contact Rev Jan Mathieson on 0141 579 9997.



What congregation are Saying

My wife Val and I joined Williamwood Church in 2012 and along with our two children, Andrew who’s 11 and Shona who’s 8, we are all involved with the life of the church here.
Andrew is at the Boys’ Brigade, Shona is in the Brownies, Val is an elder and I’m part of the property team looking after things like fire safety and security.
We all enjoy being part of the family of Williamwood whether it’s the services and Sunday School each week or the different special events like concerts, coffee mornings and trips.
It’s great to be part of such a friendly group of people who are all working together to share the Good News and trying to make a difference for the better in our community.

Alan Brown

As Session Clerk it is an honour to serve the Rev Jan Mathieson and sixty three Elders who diligently visit their district at least four times a year with an invitation to Holy Communion and also visit our organisations’ twice a year. Contact me on  0141 321 8033, or e mail –   

Margaret C.T. Robertson

I was baptised in Williamwood Church in 1981 and since then have been brought up to feel at home in the Church.  I went through all sections of the BB and am now an adult officer.  I started my piping career as a young junior section boy.  I am now an active elder of the Church, and would like to encourage people to attend and help it to continue to grow.

Alan Black


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