The Superintendent is Maureen McCulloch, and the Sunday School runs every Sunday throughout the year, with Deborah Clark supporting this role during the School Holidays.  You can phone Maureen on  0141 639 5939 for more information.

The Sunday school has four departments as follows

BRIGHT SPARKS – This is for beginners for children up to the age of 5, and includes a creche for tiny ones.  The leader is Abbey Mitchell-Luker

Please come and join us every week where we will learn about all the fantastic things that God has created.  We will be learning new songs and singing all the ones that we all love.  Every Christmas we have our Christmas party and Santa comes to visit us too and he gives us a present!  At the end of term we have a “Teddy Bear Picnic” where we bring our own teddies and sit and have a picnic all together.  We also go on the Sunday School trip with all the other big boys and girls.  I hope you can come and join us.

SUNDAY SURFERS  Primary Department – This is for Primary School Aged Children – P1, P2 and P3.  The leader is Gary McDonald

SUNDAY SURFERS  Junior Department – This is for Primary School Aged Children – P4, P5 and P6.   The leader is Sharon Proctor

Sunday Surfers has two departments as described above.  We meet in the large hall of the Church at 10.45am on Sunday mornings, during school term time. During school holidays we still meet but call ourselves the Holiday Club.  We join the congregation of the Church at the start of the Church service.  After our time in the Church, which usually involves puzzles games and activities we return to the large hall for our time together.  This year we will be using a whole new set of exciting materials that will keep us busy with lessons, activities, crafts and games.  It’s always something new and exciting.

At Christmas time we have our Nativity Play and our Christmas Party  –  and Santa always finds us!  At Easter time we have great fun; making things, handing things out and have a great Easter Egg hunt in the Church.  Towards the end of the school year we have our gift day and our Sunday School Trip.   It’s all great fun.

Come and join us every Sunday at the Seres Road entrance to the Church.

See you there,

Garry McDonald – Sunday Surfers

YOUTH BURST – This is for Seniors and are for all youngsters from Primary 7 upwards.  The leader is Maureen McCulloch