Why don’t you join in our Lockdown Challenge and do some baking?

There are three categories – Ladies; Men; Children. 

The recipies for each category are below   

Bake your goodies, decorate them as creatively as you can, take a photo and email it to Joan at blacksabode@googlemail.com  by Sunday 24th May.  Alternatively you can post it through the Manse door if you are out walking.                  

There will be a prize for the best looking effort in each category – but you may have to bake more when we get back into our Church building so we can find out what it tastes like!!        Have fun – and good luck!!


Small Cup Cakes


3oz margarine       

3oz caster sugar

3oz plain flour


1teaspoon baking powder

Vanilla essence

Dash of milk


Cream margarine and sugar till light and fluffy

Add sieved flour and beaten egg alternatively

Add vanilla essence and enough milk to make a light consistency

Fold in baking powder

Makes 12 cup cakes

Bake at 150 degrees for 15 minutes or till lightly browned


Decorate however you like  surprise us!!!



Sponge Cake

3 eggs

1 cup caster sugar

2 tablespoons warm water

1 cup plain flour

1 teaspoon baking powder


Beat eggs and sugar till creamy

Beat in warm water

Sieve flour and baking powder and fold into mixture 

Mix well gently 

Base line two 7 inch tins and divide mixture between them

Bake at 200degrees for 15minutes 


Cool and fill and decorate as you wish





2 oz caster sugar

4 oz butter or margarine

6 oz flour 


Mix all together till it forms a ball. Use your hands but make sure they are very clean

Roll out your dough and cut whatever shape you wish.

Rounds can be sandwiched together with jam and iced on top OR you can make any biscuit you like

Place on greased trays and bake at 150 degrees till lightly browned

Have fun and decorate however you like