Sunday 24th May, 2020

Jesus prays for his disciples

Reading – John 17:1-11

Jesus is saying goodbye to his disciples as it was his time to leave them and go to his Holy Father in heaven. John tells us that Jesus prayed for his disciples and for the seed of faith that he had planted in their lives that it might grow into something world-changing.

Saying Goodbye

This is a story about Helen who went to a school just like yours.  She had two really good friends, Jake and Shona. Some other people in Helen’s class used to boast that they had lots of friends, but Helen did not worry about it because she treasured her two best friends.

Helen also went to gymnastics in a club, she played the violin at the school, went to Church on a Sunday and also went to Brownies.

Then one day her parents sat her down with some news.  They were excited, she could tell, but also nervous.  They told her that they had both got new jobs in a town more than a hundred miles away.  It would mean Helen would have to leave school, leave gymnastics, Brownies, her violin group but, worst of all, say goodbye to Jake and Shona.  She got no sleep all night as she thought about how much she would miss them, and how sad she would be to leave them.  A few tears came to her eyes as she lay in bed.

But as the dawn came and she could hear the birds outside starting to sing, Helen had a different thought: I’ve been thinking about myself all night and how sad I will be to leave my friends, but they are going to be sad too.  Jake and Shona will miss me just as much.  My gymnastics squad will miss me, my violin group will miss me, my Brownie section will miss me as well.  There are more people here who will miss me than I thought about before …

Helen got out of bed and pulled out her craft box.  She started making cards for everyone, decorating them on the outside with pictures that related to how she knew each person and inside she wrote a message saying what that person meant to her and why they were special to her. 

When she finished she was still sad, very tired, but also really excited to be able to share how she felt about the people who were closest to her.  It made saying goodbye a little bit easier.

Prayer from “Spill the Beans”

Jesus show us the way to go,

In us he has planted a seed of faith, and now we go out into the world, nurtured by the Holy Spirit, to fulfil that faith, to share God’s love and to live God’s grace.      Amen

Things to do

Being a witness to love

Write down or speak about things which you are thankful for; The ways we show love and kindness to each other; The ways we can do things in the next week to share God’s love.

Glorious flowers

Get a plant pot and put some compost in it. Plant a seed or a plant in the pot. You can write a short prayer on a lollipop stick and stick it in beside the plant. The prayer can be thank you prayers or sorry prayers or a prayer for someone else. Look after it and watch it grow.

I want to thank God for

Sit in a circle with your family.  Get a soft ball and throw it to someone in the circle. Say something that makes that person special and that you are thankful for (showing love, showing kindness, being helpful, being patient, being a good listener). The person holding the ball throws it to someone else in the circle and does the same.


Love from

Your Sunday School Leaders and the Minister at Williamwood Church

New Life This Spring

 A Magnolia

New Life This Spring

 A Red Robin

New Life This Spring

A Cherry Blossom